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Services Provided

Iowa Mortgage Help (IMH) provides a state-wide referral hotline, foreclosure intervention and negotiation and mediation services with loan servicers and lenders.

Additionally, IMH is able to provide free legal services to Iowans who participate in our process, through a partnership with Iowa Legal Aid.

Iowa Legal Aid also provides free legal services to IMH clients for issues and problems that are not directly tied to a foreclosure case, but impact whether the modification action will be successful. These cases include, clearing title for property, bankruptcy counseling, preventing wage garnishment, drafting rental agreements for borrowers who have renters in the home, enforcing family law support orders and recouping monies paid by unsuspecting borrowers to mortgage scammers.

Who supports Iowa Mortgage Help?

Several public and private organizations and businesses teamed up to create IMH. With the assistance of a federal grant, this group is committed to making Iowans aware of free mortgage counseling resources to help them achieve the best possible solution to their individual financial situation.

The following organizations provided funds or in-kind services to support IMH: Iowa Legal Aid, Iowa Attorney General's Office and the Iowa Finance Authority.

How does the Iowa Mortgage Help Hotline work?

Hotline operators at Iowa Mortgage Help will gather basic data and will refer callers' cases to one of the local counseling agencies that are part of IMH. The certified counselors will then gather more in-depth financial information and will determine the appropriate level of counseling. Funds from the grant will reimburse each agency for its services.


Since the program's inception, IMH has provided more than 40,000 Iowans with foreclosure prevention counseling.